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Load balance Solution

safely balance the energy usage between
wallbox and other appliances

Why do you need load balancing solution?
Under normal circumstances, the maximum electrical load of a home or other places is fixed during construction and design. This requires that the total load of all
household appliances cannot exceed the maximum load capacity of the home power grid, otherwise it will cause a circuit breaker to trip and cause line failure.

The power of the charging wallbox is generally at least 7kw. When it is in the summer and winter seasons, the use of household appliances increases. After the high-power appliances are operated,
the charging wallbox runs at full load and it is easy to cause the total current to exceed the maximum protection current of the home air switch, then  tripped. At this time, the charging wallbox is
required to be able to detect the total load current of the family. When the total load current of the family is close to or exceeds the maximum allowable current, the charging wallbox can automatically
reduce the charging current to ensure that the total line current does not exceed the protection current, thereby ensuring the overall circuit Safe operation.

The prerequisites for the realization of the load balancing solution
1. The total power meter/total power meter supports 485 communication mode. The meter that enters the home needs to be able to support the RS-485 interface.

2. The total power meter/total power supports the MODBUS-RTU protocol to obtain line power. The electricity meter or power meter can read the total power of the line through the MODBUS-RTU protocol.

3. Electric vehicles comply with the latest standards, and the charging current can be dynamically adjusted according to the charging pile protocol. When the charging
pile issues an agreement to adjust the charging current, the electric vehicle must be able to lower the current according to the requirements.