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Wall cabinet charger or smart charger? Once you’ve chosen your charger, how do you install it? About 80% of electric vehicle charging takes place at home, which means making sure you have the right technology to charge as much as possible. Possibly painless, fast and cost-effective is important. To make the whole process as easy as possible, we’ve put together this guide that will answer all your questions about the different charging options.

Are all EV chargers the same?

electric car charging at home

When it comes to charging at home, there are two valid options – you can use the slow charger that comes with your vehicle, or you can install a wall box. The former uses a standard 3-pin plug for power from your home, plus is simple to use and very portable. However, with the ever-increasing size of the batteries, it can take more than 24 hours to fully charge such batteries, so the manufacturer recommends that they be used only in “emergency situations”. A better option, especially if you use your EV every day, is a wall cabinet charger. Installed in your house or garage, it provides faster charging times and is safe and reliable. It’s also easier to use and doesn’t require many cables to run from home.

Post time: 2022-11-27